Epiphone by Gibson S Series

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Epiphone by Gibson S Series
From the Manufacturer

circa 1990s Epiphone by Gibson Strat Style electric guitar in a yellowed PEARL WHITE FINISH – in overall very good conditon, no case or bag. This Epi by Gibson is a really nice build quality- and she does have some changes, mods, upgrades. This Epi has a locking style tremolo system (no arm), and it has an aftermarket 3 play pick guard with 3 EMG pickups in stalled – humbucker in the bridge, and two single coils. These are expensive and sought after pickups. Batter is in the trem cavity in back. Pick guard holes do not match up with the originals in the body, so there are only 3 screws holding the guard in place. The action is high, so this guitar needs a good setup to made optimal. Slim maple neck, nice big frets. There is a bit of extra routing in the body to allow the battery to sit in the trem cavity. She makes no sound right now, probably was not wired up correctly. With a bit of work, this will be a killer Super Strat with a set of very cool and very pro great sounding pickups!


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