Monster Power HTS2500

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Monster Power HTS2500
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Monster Reference PowerCenter HTS 2500 MKII with Clean Power Stage 2 v.2.0 Clean Power, 10 outlets, 3 coax, 1 phone (MP HTS 2500 MKII) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Monster Clean Power Stage 2 filtering for the highest quality sound and stage 2 v.2.0.
$100,000 Connected Equipment Warranty.
Protects coax lines used with cable TV and DBS equipment from surge pulses.
1850 joule rating provides highest level of surge absorption.
4 switched/timed outlets for sequenced power turn-on.

Product Description
Monster Cable MP HTS2500 Home Theatre Reference PowerCenter® HTS2500 10 outlets, 3 coax, 1 phone, Clean Power Product Description The fact is, analog audio equipment is sensitive to a different type of noise than video, just as video is sensitive to a different type of noise than digital, and so on. In the past, manufacturers have used filters to combat the problem of noise introduced via power sources. Unfortunately, the filters were not optimized to attenuate at the different frequencies that are unique to digital, analog audio, and video realms. Products that managed to deliver truly cleaner AC power were thousands of dollars in price, out of reach for most people. Enter Head Monster Noel Lee. An uncompromising audiophile, Lee joined forces with Richard Marsh, the world’s foremost expert on AC power, to develop affordable solutions to AC power problems. The result? Monster Clean Power.

Internal View of HTS5100

Internal view showing the various filters and advanced circuitry. Pictured is the HTS5100.
Rear View of HTS 5100
Rear view showing the component-assigned outlets. Pictured is the HTS5100.
More Than Just Surge! -Monster Clean Power
The following overviews of Monster’s isolated, specially tuned Clean Power filters demonstrate the methodology behind Clean Power’s development. The higher the Clean Power stage, the more advanced the noise filtration. The more advanced the noise filtration, the higher the level of component-to-component isolation.

Isolated Clean Power Digital Filters
Optimized to reduce noise generated by digital equipment digital filters isolate digital components from connected analog audio and video components for maximum rejection of interference.
Isolated Clean Power Video Filters
Optimized to reduce noise generated by video equipment, video filters isolate video components from connected digital and analog audio components for maximum rejection of interference.
Isolated Clean Power Analog Audio Filters
Optimized to provide maximum noise rejection for sensitive analog audio components, audio filters isolates audio components from connected digital and video components for maximum rejection of interference.
Isolated Clean Power Ultra-High Current Filter
Optimized for maximum noise rejection, ultra-high current filters provide maximum current to high power components such as surround sound amplifiers.
Reference Home Theater Power
Monster PowerCenters also offer the most comprehensive home theater system protection available, featuring higher joule ratings for faster acting, full capacity surge protection. Monster’s Multiple SurgeGuard and Tri-Mode Circuitry instantly detects any voltage surge or spike and immediately suppresses it before it can reach your components. And, for your total peace of mind, the latest generation of Monster Home Theatre Reference PowerCenters come with higher Connected Equipment Guarantees (CEGs).

Unlike other surge protectors, the PowerCenters’ ultra low-loss RF circuitry provides maximum protection with virtually no signal loss, especially important with the advent of HDTV. In addition, all PowerCenters display current draw and voltage.

Monster recognizes that convenience is vital, too. The PowerCenters feature component-assigned color coding with matching power cord labels for easy identification, and all are rack mountable, for easy integration into custom installed rack mount systems.

Get All The Performance You Paid For
With Monster Power’s Home Theatre Reference PowerCenters, you’ll get the best possible audio and video performance from your home theater system.

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Product information
Package Dimensions 22.2 x 15.2 x 7.8 inches
Item Weight 12.5 pounds
Shipping Weight 14 pounds
Manufacturer Monster


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