Peavey Basic 60

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Peavey Basic 60
From the Manufacturer

Peavey Basic 60 Electric Bass Guitar Amplifier 50W 1 x 12 Combo Amp Made in USA
The amplifier pictured is the actual amp you will receive!

At The Farm, we take actual pictures of each instrument and make sure they are fully set-up and ready to play before we ship them. Each instrument goes through a multi-point inspection, followed by a set-up process by our in-house tech staff. We then photograph each instrument with high-quality equipment in our on-site photography studio. We know that details like wood grain and color finishes can vary, so we want you to be able to see, to the best of our ability, exactly what you will be receiving.

This process takes over an hour for each instrument – from inspection to pictures. We care about the instrument we put into your hands! Rest assured your amp was not just plucked off of a shelf and drop-shipped to you from a warehouse without the care that it, and you, deserve.

This Peavey Basic 60 is a 50 watt 1 x 12 bass guitar combo amp that Peavey produced in the ’80s and ’90s, with the Basic 60 being one of the last offered in the ‘Basic’ Series. It has two 1/4″ inputs (high gain and low gain), Pregain and Postgain options, Bright switch, EQ section with Low, Mid, High and Presence, Preamp out, Power amp in and a 1/4″ headphone jack.


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