Stinger ST-2

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Stinger ST-2
From the Manufacturer

Here’s what Martin Co. sent me:
Thank you for contacting us. Martin did not keep record of the

serial numbers on the Stinger Series, therefore, the history on

this series is very limited. Here is the information that I have available. In November, 1985 Martin introduced the Stinger Series solid body electric guitars. Made in Korea, these guitars became widely accepted in a short period of time. Stinger, like Sigma, was brought into the Martin factory, inspected, and set up by C. F. Martin personnel. They were available in a variety of popular styles.

The ST-2 is a lead guitar. Our records are very limited, however I believe this model has an Indian Ash body and Maple neck. The original cost was $186.00.

Thank you for your inquiry!

Sandy Trach

C. F. Martin & Co., Inc.

Consumer Customer Service


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