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The Omega Seamaster DeVille is a vintage timepiece that was first introduced in 1960. The main difference between the versions is their calibers, but the DeVille has a Unishell case, which is one solid piece and lacks a screw-down case back. This means that you can only service the movement from the front. The DeVille has a wide range of dial designs, most featuring narrow bar indices, though some have numerals or triangular indices


Here are some features of the 1954 Omega 14KGF Seamaster DeVille:

  • Case: Solid 14K gold case that measures approximately 36.5mm (case to crown) x 10mm (high)
  • Dial: Silver oyster with gold-tone non-numerical hour markers and matching hands
  • Crown: 14K gold crown and caseback engraved with the Seamaster emblem
  • Case design: Monocoque design improves water-resistance without tampering with style and design

The DeVille typically features manual or automatic movements, and their design is a nod to the traditional watchmaking ethos of Omega, prioritizing simplicity and elegance. Collectors and enthusiasts often seek these vintage models for their historical value and timeless design.

1954 14K Omega Seamaster DeVille Watch

SKU: 1003066-9
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