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AM-15 7.5 Pistol 300 BLK

The .300 AAC Blackout cartridge was developed by Advanced Armament Corporation around 2011 to help our military in close to medium range, door to door type battles. According to "The Definitive Guide to 300 Blackout" , "The sweet spot between maneuverability and muzzle energy for a 300 Blackout barrel is around 7 to 9 inches, although you can get slightly higher muzzle energies with longer barrels."

Anderson Manufacturing introduces our AM-15 7.5 300 BLK Pistol, featuring a 7.5'' Anderson Barrel to land you right in the 'sweet spot' The Definitive Guide speaks of; giving you both, maneuverability and muzzle energy, in one pistol.

The 7.5'' Anderson Barrel has an Anderson Knight Stalker Flash Hider to conceal muzzle flash.

This pistol operates on a pistol-length, direct impingement gas system headed by an Anderson Low-Profile Steel Gas Block.

This pistol is equipped with 6.75'' Anderson MLOK Handguards allowing you to accessorize the front end.

This pistol features an MFT Engage Pistol Grip and SBA3 Tactical Pistol Brace to enhance that maneuverability feature while also facilitating solid shooter ergonomics.

30 round ASC Magazine, firearm cable lock, Anderson Owner's Manual and Anderson Logo Sticker included with purchase.

Federal Firearms License (FFL) is required for purchase of this item.


Firearm purchases require a background check and must be picked up in person by the purchaser
SBR transfers will not be accepted 


Anderson AM-15 300 BLK Semi Auto Rifle

SKU: G-1003365-5
$699.99 Regular Price
$549.99Sale Price
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