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The Belgian Zulu shotgun is a 12 gauge, single shot shotgun with a 34 1/4 inch barrel and a straight grip walnut stock. It has a rolling breechblock action and a sidelock action. 

The term "Zulu" shotgun refers to a French/Belgian Tabiterre musket that has been modified into a shotgun. They are frequently sent to the African Trade, and can be found with "ZULU" engraved on the barrels. 

A 12 gauge shotgun load is heavier and more powerful than 20 gauge ammo. 12 gauge shotguns are typically better suited for taking larger game, but they have more recoil and are heavier to carry.



Firearm purchases require a background check and must be picked up in person by the purchaser
SBR transfers will not be accepted 

Belgian Zulu 12GA Shotgun

SKU: G-996654-1
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