Here we present a Browning FN Model 1922 Pistol, made in Nazi Occupied Belgium, circa 1941, during World War II. Germany invaded Belgium on May 10, 1940 and consequently had their weapons manufacturing capabilities appropriated for the Third Reich.

Belgium has long been known for its weapons manufacture made for export all over the world. In 1889, Fabrique Nationale d'Armes de Guerre (National Factory of Weapons of War), was created, and in 1897, FN employed world famous gun designer John Moses Browning. Browning would go on to design the FN 1900 & 1910. The 1922 was the younger but larger brother of the 1910 (incidentally, it was the 1910 that Gavrillo Princep used to assassinate Arch Duke Ferdinand and Princess Sophie to kick off World War I). Many countries adopted the 1922 for their militaries, including Yugoslavia, Greece, Holland, France, Denmark, and Finland, amongst others.

This specimen is one of those that was manufactured during the occupation for Nazi Germany. It was made for service in the German Army, Luftwaffe and police. It features checkered walnut grips and German acceptance marks. 

This firearm is classified as a Curio & Relic.

Barrel is 4-1/2 inches.

Caliber: 7.65mm Browning (.32 ACP)

Overall condition as seen in photos.

Browning FN 32 ACP German Stamped 7.65mm

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