Crate RFX30 Retroflex Combo Amplifier


Medium-size combo for band rehearsals and small clubs gives you independent gain and level controls on both channels. It also has 3-band EQ on the Clean channel and Shape knob on Solo channel, an effects Level control, CD input, and a headphone jack.

The RFX series is all about smooth, classic tone and looks, skillfully mated with modern DSP effects for combos that deliver the sonic goods! Each has 15 effects, 2 channels, 3-band EQ, Crate Custom speakers, headphone jack, and dual RCA inputs.


  • 30W
  • 10" speaker
  • 2 channels with independent Gain and Level knobs
  • 15 digital effects
  • CD input
  • Headphone jack
  • External speaker out


Crate RFX30 Retroflex Combo Amplifier

SKU: 993693-1