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You practically get a band with the Fender G-DEC guitar amplifier. This compact "Guitar Digital Entertainment Center" is loaded up with a tuner, sounds, effects, and rhythms — all so you can effectively practice and put your skills to the test. Dial in a killer guitar tone, using the G-DEC's 17 amplifier models, 29 effects, and 10 reverbs. Built-in MIDI drum loops and bass lines help you practice at speed. Plus, you can always plug your MP3 player or laptop right into the Fender G-DEC for practicing with favorite tracks.



Fender G-DEC Guitar Digital Entertainment Center at a Glance:

  • Built-in MIDI synth you can jam with
  • Loads of DSP effects and amp modeling
  • 14-second phrase sampler plus other sound-shaping features
  • Ideal practice tool for beginners or veterans

Built-in MIDI synth you can jam with
How about a jam session with just you and your G-DEC? Inside the G-DEC, you'll find a fully-functional MIDI synthesizer that is used for onboard drum loops complete with practice bass lines and even accompaniment from other instruments — each with their own volume control!

Loads of DSP effects and amp modeling
The G-DEC has as much digital signal processing power as any of Fender's Cyber-Series amplifiers. The G-DEC gives you 17 different amp types, 29 effects, 10 reverbs and tons more parameters to design and save your own tones — or simply spin the chrome knob and select from 50 Fender-designed presets, which include a drum loop with bass and accompaniment and an appropriate guitar tone to match.

14-second phrase sampler plus other sound-shaping features
The Fender G-DEC is loaded with additional features such as a flexible 14 second phrase sampler so you can practice difficult licks. Built-in filters allow you to focus on different instruments in any song played by an MP3 player or CD player through the auxiliary input.

Ideal practice tool for beginners or veterans
The G-DEC is an ideal amplifier system for beginning guitarists who can easily learn to play in time and have fun from day one, and is great for the experienced musician as a songwriting tool or just a fun practice amp that will keep you playing longer and more frequently.

Fender G-DEC Guitar Digital Entertainment Center Features:

  • Easy recall of guitar tones from heavy metal to jazz, punk to country — at the twist of a knob
  • Drum beats, bass lines, and other instruments provide musical backing in any style and tempo
  • 70 preset drum loops and metronome
  • 50 factory "Performance Presets" include drum loop, bass line, guitar amp tone plus effects; 50 more can be created by the user
  • Internal synthesizer with MIDI interface allows playback of MIDI song files via computer
  • Play all the backing tracks through the G-DEC, and every instrument from piano to percussion is in there!
  • MIDI keyboards can also be used to play the G-DEC's internal sounds
  • Easy-to-use automatic guitar tuner
  • The amp's top provides a flat surface for placing a portable CD or MP3 player; these devices can be hooked up with the G-DEC for "play along" capability
  • Internal Phrase Sampler can sample the incoming guitar signal to create loops, or song soundbites from CD/MP3 may be captured for careful study
  • Shoulder strap for easy transport
  • 15 watts of power with a Special Design 8" speaker
  • Future software upgrades can be loaded via MIDI

Get more out of your practice sessions with a Fender G-DEC amplifier!

Fender G-Dec Guitar Amplifier

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