Fernandes Stratocaster
You are looking at a late 1980’s Fernandes Stratocaster guitar. This guitar is close to a Vintage 60’s Fender including the 7.5 neck radius. Standard “B” type neck profile. As many of you may know Fernandes was threatened with a law suit by Fender. They started changing the head stock per Fenders request from vintage fender style to the style shown on this guitar to the 90’s “Gumby style” so these are getting harder and harder to find. The guitar rings like a bell unplugged, it's very nice to play with out a amp, but playing through an amp is even better. The pickup have that old school single coil “bell tones” being true alnico type and NOT the ceramic based type used in the 90’s. Pickups are vintage style black bottom bases.

Frets have minamal wear. Neck wood has some very nice grain. Full size trem block. Some of the platting on the bridge saddles has been rubbed off due to normal playing. It gives it a relic look and does not affect the playability in anyway. The original tuners are in good shape. The body has playing wear for a 32 year old guitar. Guitar has a few dings and scratches (see pictures). No finish cracks by the neck pocket that you will find on most vintage fender strats.

Fernandes Stratocaster Guitar

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