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Here are some specs for the Horton Explorer XL 150 crossbow:

  • Draw weight: 150 lbs
  • Velocity: 260 fps
  • Custom trigger: Features on the Explorer XL 150, the Legend HD 150, and the Summit HD 150 Red Dot Package
  • Limbs: DP2 Camo Tuff limbs, which are multi-layered laminated limbs that are designed to be durable
  • Bowstrings: Designed to the crossbow's exact specifications using BCY fibers and string building processes

The Horton Explorer XL 150 is compatible with hand and mechanical cocking devices. Most Horton crossbows are designed to shoot arrows with a minimum length of 20 inches.

Horton Explorer XL 150 Crossbow

SKU: 985812-1/986864-1
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