The Kustom HV100 tube/hybrid combo amplifier has 2 channels, each with gain and master volume controls. This Dual Master system lets players easily get natural tube overdrive and compression on the rhythm channel as well as the lead channel, for even more tonal options. The amp's EQ consists of passive bass, middle and treble controls that have the same specifications as Kustom's award-winning, all-tube Coupe amplifiers. The HV100's speaker-emulated direct out and variable volume boost controls are also borrowed from the Coupe.
An all new 24-bit digital multi-effects system has been created exclusively for the Kustom HV. It offers 16 high-fidelity, programmable effects with increased flexibility thanks to "Tap" or "Toggle" functions for each effect, letting players fine tune their choices. For example, Delay times, Reverb tails and Tremolo speeds can all be tapped to desired settings. Alternately, the Spring Reverb effect can be toggled between three different tonal selections reminiscent of the Coupe reverb; the Rotary Speaker can be ramped between speeds; and the Octave selection can be toggled to choose Octave Up or Octave Down. In all, the new HV100 multi-effects system provides stunning effects with unsurpassed flexibility, but without undue complexity.
New cabinet construction methods have been developed to enhance the resonance and musicality of the HV100 amplifier. In addition to crafting the cabinet to flex in response to the sound pressure, the electronic chassis is mounted in a way that doesn't impede the ability of the cabinet to resonate properly, an often overlooked element in the production of good tone.
The powerful Kustom HV100 combines 100 watts with two 12" Celestions. Visually, the HV100 sports vents on the top panel and a cool, rear-panel cutaway with mesh screen to view the preamp tube inside the chassis. Other details include new die-cast Kustom logos, jet-black grille cloth, white piping and black leather handles.
The Kustom HV100 Combo uses an exclusive new preamp circuit developed by James Brown, acclaimed amplifier designer and Kustom's chief engineer. The HV Series' preamp combines a 12AX7 tube - known for it's robust tonal qualities - with solid-state circuitry known for it's consistency and reliability.

Kustom HV100 Combo Tube Amp

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