Marshall MG100DFX

from the manufacturer


This Marshall MG100DFX 100 Watt 1X12 Combo amp may be housed in a compact package, but but don't be fooled by its size. The MG100DFX gives you two footswitchable channels that each have 2 modes – Clean/Crunch on the Clean Channel, and OD1/OD2 on the Overdrive Channel. Each of the two channels have their own EQ controls for Bass, Middle, & Treble, and to give even further control over your tone the Overdrive Channel has Marshall’s critically acclaimed Contour control. The Clean Channel of the MG100DFX has plenty of head room for the times when you need to but loud and still want a clean sound, but you can easily dial in a bluesy overdrive especially with the Crunch mode. The OD1 mode of the Overdrive Channel is reminiscent of the drive sounds that have made Marshall amps famous. If you want a modern high gain sound it’s only a switch away with the OD2 mode. The MG100DFX also has built in footswitchable effects. You can select from Chorus/Delay, Delay, Chorus, Flange effects as well as natural sounding digital reverb that has its own level control. For more details on all the Marshall MG100DFX has to offer, we suggest looking through the user manual

Marshall MG100DFX Combo Amp

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