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  • What's Included: Console, controller, power adapter, component cable
  • The Next Generation Begins - Always connected, always personalized, and always in high definition
  • Fast and Smart - The IBM CPU consists of three 3.2GHz cores
  • Graphics - A custom ATI graphics chip drives ultra realistic HD entertainment
  • Wireless - Up to four bi-directional wireless controllers means no more cords
  • Plug and Play - Standard USB ports let you plug in your digital entertainment devices or controllers
  • Movies - Progressive- scan DVD playback is standard with every unit
  • Faces - Personalize your console with changeable faceplates
  • Ring or Light - The circle of lights flashes to indicate status in games and when you are online
  • Memory Units - Plug. Copy. Go. Take your gamertag, your saved games and your content with you

Product Description

The perfect blend of powerful technology, sophisticated design and realized possibilities for the future of games and entertainment has arrived. This isn't about incremental change. It's a revolution. Break out of linear and limited entertainment. Leave passive, one-size-fits-all fun behind. Unleash the power of human energy. Xbox 360 inspires new ways to connect to riveting stories, to social communities, to unbridled creativity, and to living, breathing worlds. This time, you're in control.

Microsoft Xbox 360 Console with Wireless Controller

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