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  • CMOS Sensor & 3.1” IPS Touch Screen】CMOS sensor, it can sense the surroundings and process complex light delicately. Support Selfie, white balance setting, smile capture. The 3.0-inch IPS display provides vivid colors and high contrast.  aids in composition versatility, and regular chromaticity adjustments, which are prompted by the camcorder, help ensure correct brightness and faithful color reproduction.
  • 【4K+ Optical Zoom Lens Set】Equipped with four sets of high-quality glass lenses to realize a high-magnification intelligent zooming process, automatically adjust the aperture size, and correct distortion.


  • 【12X Optical Zoom】Get amazingly close with 12x optical zoom plus 48x Clear Image digital pixels to match selected patterns, resulting in more realistic, higher-quality images. Clear Image Zoom doubles optical zoom for closer photos and video.AC5 is the best-selling Vlogging recorder camera. 


  • 【Time-lapse Recording】Time-lapse shooting can compress a longer video onto the captured video and play it in a short time.


  •  WiFi camcorder】Download the APP named "D video" on your smartphone, you can download videos and pictures on the APP, and share them with your friends at any time. 



  • 【Share your joys of life】HDR-AC5 Share your life moment by way of video camera video on social App, become a video blog blogger.


  • As a Webcam Camera】Versatility of the camcorder as a webcam and camera is fantastic ,support live streaming.HDMI output. As a high-quality webcam, it can be broadcast live at any time in the meeting
  • 【Microphone Advantages】Two microphones with different functions to obtain high-quality sound and reduce noise in close-range and long-distance radio.
  • 【Natural LED light】Two different natural lights to enhance the texture of the picture, warm light can enhance the texture of the skin, and cold light can adjust the brightness of the picture.


    • 【With Ultra Wide Angle】With ultra-wide-angle lens, increasing the viewing angle range, showing more comprehensive quality and environment.
    • Cinematic super-sensitive image quality


    • 【Foldable Handheld Stabilizer 】Equipped with a handheld stabilizer, you can shoot moving scenes more stably.



    • 【Function Parameter】



    ORDRO HDR-AC5 Vlogging 4K Camcorder Kit

    SKU: 996246-1
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