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Versatile Input/Preamp

  • Dual preamps allow conventional Line-Level input Plus additional balanced Low-Impedance Mic-level input

  • Inputs can be mixed with separate volume controls for each input

  • Thru output jacks allow individual to control a dedicated mix in their cabinet/monitor before signals are sent to mixing board or other amplified devices

  • Perfect for adding personal mic signal into the monitor mix without affecting other's monitor mix

Main out jack:

  • Provides line-level, mixed signal from both preamps. Main Out jack allow multiple PW Active Speakers and Monitors to be daisy-chained when more than one unit is required

  • Can also be used as a Sub-Woofer out. Providing line-level signal to active subwoofers that utilize active frequency management circuits like the PW112S Active Sub-Woofer



  • 100 Watt RMS Output

  • 15" Special Design Speaker

  • XLR Balanced / 1/4" Balanced, Unbalanced Input

  • 1/4" Balanced, Unbalanced Input Line Out

  • 60Hz - 20Khz Frequency Response

Powerwerks PW15PM 100-Watt Active Powered 15" Monitor Speaker Cabinet

SKU: 964261-1
$159.99 Regular Price
$139.99Sale Price
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