Pride Jazzy 1450

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Weight Capacity 600 lbs.
Turning Radius 26.5”
Overall Width3 29.25”
Overall Length3 38.25”
Maximum Speed2 Up to 4.5 mph
Ground Clearance3 1.5”
Front Wheels 4” solid anti-tips
Drive Wheels 14” solid
Rear Wheels 9” solid casters
Drivetrain Two-motor, front-wheel drive
Braking System Electronic, regenerative
disc brakes
Suspension Type Swing Arm
Standard Seat Size 24” x 24”
Per Charge Range3,5 Up to 15.7 miles
Standard Electronics 90A, PG VR2
Component Weights
Base: 195 lbs. (heaviest piece)
Seat: 52 lbs. (high-back)
Batteries: 52 lbs. each
Battery Requirements4,6 (2) 12 volt, Group 24
Battery Charger 8 amp, off-board
Jazzy 1450-2VHD-SS1 Group 2: Very Heavy Duty (K0826)
Jazzy 1450-2VHD-C1 Group 2: Very Heavy Duty (K0827)
Jazzy 1450-2SPVHD-SS1 Single Power
Very Heavy Duty: K0839

FDA Class II Medical Device*




   JAZZY® 1450 Features:

    • Depth adjustable, fold-flat, limited-recline high-back seat
    • Flat-free drive tires
    • Universal, fixed, in-line joystick mount
    • Large 17" x 13" foot platform
    • 600 lbs. weight capacity
    • Up to 4.5 mph maximum speed
    • 26.5" turning radius
    • Up to 15.7 miles per charge
    • Maximum performance, extremely efficient motor package
    • HCPCS Code: Group 2: Very Heavy Duty (K0826/K0827)
      Single Power Very Heavy Duty (K0839)

*Pride® FDA Class II Medical Devices are designed to aid individuals with mobility impairments

Pride Jazzy 1450 Mobility Chair

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