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The Samson S-monitor is a lightweight, well built and inexpensive personal headphone monitoring solution for use during rehearsal, stage performance, or studio recording.

Microphone and Mix inputs are accepted on XLR and 1/4" stereo connectors, respectively. There is an XLR Thru/Out microphone send back to the console, and an additional 1/4" stereo Mix Thru for daisy-chaining multiple S-monitor units.

There are, additionally, a pair of 1/4" headphone outputs, which accept a wide range of headphone impedances. Individual volume knobs have also been provided for both Microphone and Mix level control. The S-monitor offers a lot of value, packed into a miniature frame at a very reasonable price point.

Small, lightweight Personal Monitor for stage or studio

High input, low noise operation

XLR Microphone input, XLR Thru/Output send to mixer

1/4" Stereo Mix input

Daisy-Chaining via 1/4" Stereo Mix output

Individual Microphone and Mix volume control knobs

Dual Headphone outputs

Samson Audio SMONIT S-Class self-monitor

SKU: 989910-3
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