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The beautiful Schecter electric guitar, Hellraiser C-1 was made in South Korea.The body was made of mahogany with Quilted Maple top and fitted with a mahogany neck. The body was finished in Black Cherry high gloss. HH pickups were installed for proper tuning. Proper tuning is realized by Grover tuners. Each Schecter electric guitar is optimally adjusted in our specialized workshop before shipment.

This stunning mahogany Schecter delivers incredible tone with an active EMG 81 pickup, plus a Sustainiac electromagnetic driver for never-ending sustain.

What's special about this item?

Feature:What it does:
Mahogany bodyRich, warm, focused sound; added sustain
Rosewood fretboardOpen, warm tone and smooth playing feel
Sustainiac driver/pickupInfinite sustain and/or feedback generation
EMG 81 active humbucking pickup

High-output rail magnet; balanced and focused tone



You haven't heard how long notes can last until you shoulder the Schecter Hellraiser C-1 FR-S electric guitar. This stunning axe fuels your signal via an EMG 81 active humbucker in the bridge and a Sustainiac in the neck position, housed in a dark-sounding mahogany body. A three-piece mahogany neck harnesses razor-thin action over 24 jumbo frets in a super-smooth rosewood fingerboard, and cool dark chrome hardware, a super-flexible Floyd Rose 1000 Series bridge, and volume, push/pull tone, and intensity controls all bring you a superb speed-demon axe that's ready to unleash some sinister tone.

EMG 81 Bridge and Sustainiac Neck Humbucker Pickups

Lead fearlessly with the Hellraiser C-1's pickup complement: an EMG 81 active humbucker in the bridge and Sustainiac in the neck position. Your bridge pickup packs powerful overdrive and a full and heavy distortion perfect for rock or metal, and the Sustainiac neck pickup captures and retains an endless and spine-bending sustain from your strings via the two-way switch next to your Hellraiser's bridge. Flip the switch to kill the feedback and turn your Sustainiac into another sweet-sounding neck humbucker. Both pickups are shielded in protective casings to keep out rust, dust, and sweat, so your tone will always be clean, pristine, and uninterrupted.

Three-piece Mahogany Neck

Your Schecter Hellraiser's extra-stable neck is built from three separate pieces of mahogany. This tonewood provides a dark tone to your playing, accentuating lows and mids. This comfy appendage features a rosewood fingerboard and 24 jumbo frets with super-close action for speedy runs. Sleek abalone gothic cross inlays offer an appealing visual edge that goes well with this axe's darker tonal character.

Dive Super Low: Floyd Rose 1000 Series Bridge

Your Schecter Hellraiser features a super-flexible Floyd Rose 1000 Series bridge. This quality piece of hardware will keep your tuning in check -- so go ahead and dive this baby as low as possible before returning your strings to their standard tensions. Use the Floyd Rose in conjunction with your sustain-engaged Sustainiac neck humbucker, and you'll create sounds that just aren't on the table with other axes!


- Mahogany body
- Quilted maple top on select finishes
- Three-piece mahogany neck
- Eye-catching abalone binding
- Abalone gothic crosses inlays
- Scale length of 25.5"
- Rosewood fingerboard with 24 jumbo frets
- EMG Active 81 bridge and Sustainiac neck humbuckers
- Volume, push/pull tone, and intensity controls
- Three-way mode select and two-way Sustainiac switches
- Grover tuners
- Black chrome hardware
- Ultra flexible Floyd Rose 1000 Series bridge


Schecter Hellraiser C-1 FR-S Electric Guitar Black Cherry

SKU: 1006330-1
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