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The Taurus Model 689 was a 6-round .357 Magnum double action revolver that began production in 1989. The 689 weighs 1.56 lbs (0.71 kg) with a four-inch barrel. A six-inch barrel variant was also offered. Taurus wanted to make a .357 magnum revolver to most likely appeal to the police forces in Brazil at the time. Design-wise, it is very similar to the revered Smith & Wesson Model 686. The Model 689 stayed in production for about 10 years and then Taurus stopped producing the revolver. The Model 689 was also seen in various films


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Taurus 689 357 Mag Revolver Pistol

SKU: G-1002407-1
$699.99 Regular Price
$629.99Sale Price
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