• Versatile laser rangefinder - Our laser rangefinder is built to help you see better and further than ever before! Use it for hunting, golfing, archery, or any other adventure! Choose from 5 different modes: ranging, flagpole, speed, scan, or fog.
  • See clearly for over 1000 yards - Measure the distance precisely and fast! This is a high-precision rangefinder that lets you know the exact distance of up to 1093yd with a +/- one yard accuracy, all while giving you a clear image.
  • High-quality tech and lens - Tired of cheap-looking, low-quality rangefinders? We use only high-quality parts and advanced technology to create our products! The premium, multi-coated lens, and 905nm laser are made extra safe to use.
  • See through the fog - Don’t let the bad weather stop you! The microparticles in the fog can sometimes disrupt a reading in other rangefinders. But not with ours! Our Fog mode is made to provide accuracy and ensure precision despite poor visibility.

Visiocrest A-3280-GO Laser Range Finder for Golf, Hunting & Archery Precision, 3

SKU: 979002-1