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You Asked, We Answered

Interested in learning more about buying, selling, or trading your merchandise at Lynchburg Pawn Shop? We value our customers and are here to answer all of your questions. Here are some frequently asked questions about our store and how we operate. Contact us if you have more on your mind.

What is a pawn?

In short, a pawn is a loan. That being said every item that we would be interested in is open to being pawned, sold or traded for cash, store credit or another item entirely.

What do you accept?

Anything of marketable value, from cars to diamonds and toys to gold, if we can market the item to our customers we are willing to buy, sell, trade or appraise said items.

Are your prices negotiable?

Absolutely! As long as it is a fair and reasonable, we are willing to consider any offer that a customer may have for us.

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