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Here are some specs for the Evette Alto Saxophone from Buffet Crampon:

  • Finish: Lacquer
  • Body/Bell Materials: Yellow brass
  • Neck Materials: Yellow brass
  • Sound: Has a distinct break in sound from C2 or C#2 to D2 

The Evette name is used for Buffet's student level instruments, and some of these are stamped "Buffet Evette" and some just "Evette" or "Evette Schaeffer". For the most part, these can be pretty decent instruments, but are still considered student level with pricing to reflect that. 

Here are some insights from reviews: 


  • Ergonomically superb
  • Outstanding intonation
  • Horns blow freely across the entire range of the horn
  • Intonation is even and consistent throughout the horn

Evette Alto Saxophone from Buffet Crampon

SKU: 997777-8
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