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Through its unique front porting design, this enclosure is tuned to 55 Hz for incredible low-end punch along with distinctive mid definition and pristine highs. This XB rivals some 4x10" cabinets. Genz Benz's unique Edge Lift handles are provided for easy transport on this compact yet powerful model.

Genz Benz have developed this new 10" loudspeaker to better handle the riggers of bass reproduction. The GXB 1040 features an "m-roll" surround and a light-weight linen dust cap. The results are more rounded low frequencies, longer cone excursions, increased power handling and more articulate mid-range definition. All Genz Benz bass cabinets offer 1/4" and Speakon® connections, along with a variable tweeter level control for flexible connection options and additional tone shaping.

Parallel Inputs - Two 1/4" full range inputs are provided. Either one may be used for input from the bass amp. Use these two inputs when 'daisy-chaining' 2 cabinets together. The Tweeter Level Control controls the amount of signal to the tweeter. We recommend starting with the control at 50%. Then balance the tweeter output to the cabinet's speaker output in combination with your instrument's pick-up tone and amplifier clarity.

Rated Power: 350 watts RMS. Components: Two GXB 1040 woofers, one GBE 4410 4" tweeter and one GBE 3560 4K Hz 18db crossover. Impedance 4 ohms.



  • Power Handling RMS: 350 W
  • Frequency /- 10db: 50-16k HZ
  • Sensitivity 1W/1M: 100 db
  • Nominal Impedance: 4 ohm
  • Crossover Point: 4 K Hz
  • Weight Lbs.: 69
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 21" x 25" x 16"


Genz Benz GB 210T-XB2 Bass Cabinet

SKU: 995107-1
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