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  • GamePad Controller: The Nintendo Wii U features a GamePad controller with a 6.2-inch touchscreen display, enabling off-TV play and innovative gameplay experiences.
  • Dual Screen Gaming: The Wii U continues to offer dual-screen gaming, allowing players to use both the TV screen and the GamePad screen simultaneously for various aspects of gameplay.
  • Backward Compatibility: It remains backward compatible with most Wii games and accessories, ensuring a smooth transition for existing Wii owners.
  • HD Graphics: The Wii U offers high-definition graphics, with a maximum resolution of 1080p, enhancing the visual quality of games.
  • Amiibo Support: The console is compatible with Nintendo's Amiibo figures, which unlock content, characters, and features in various games.
  • Nintendo eShop: The eShop continues to provide access to a wide range of digital games, including classic titles, indie games, and downloadable content (DLC).

Product Description

It's an entirely new system that will change the way you experience entertainment. For the first time, experience your favorite Nintendo worlds in crystal clear high definition.

Nintendo Wii U Console 32GB

$114.99 Regular Price
$99.99Sale Price
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