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The Technics SL-BD20D is a belt-drive turntable with a cartridge. It is a semi-automatic turntable that can operate at 33-1/3 or 45 rpm and has auto-return and shut-off. It has a pitch control feature that allows for fine adjustments to the playback speed, a die-cast aluminum platter for stability and reduced vibration, and a built-in strobe light for easy calibration of the playback speed. It also has a manual cueing mechanism for precise placement of the tonearm on the record and an adjustable counterweight. 


  • Good specifications and construction
  • Speed and pitch stability are better than many audiophile tables
  • P-mount cartridge
  • Low cost

Technics SL-BD20D Belt Driven Turntable Record Player

SKU: 1008720-2
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